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Meet Your Instructor

Traci Duez

Your Thought Coach

Traci has been helping people think better using their natural cognitive talents since 2006. She has worked with over 40,000 executives, leaders, and PMs as well as many aspiring executives and leaders.

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  • Create your PURPOSE & Reclaim Your POWER
  • Get UNSTUCK and Get Out of your Own Way
  • Utilize your COGNITIVE Assets & Best Thinking
  • Make Predictably Better CHOICES & Decisions
  • Become your BEST Self & Find FULFILLMENT in your Work



  • Understand your VQ Profile First Steps Report
  • Set your INTENTIONS & Create the Value you Want to Create
  • Understand the Pitfalls of your Cognitive Biases & how to Avoid Them
  • Learn how to CONSISTENTLY & instantly Shift to your mental STRENGTHS
  • Accomplish MORE Faster & Easier when you Use Your Best Thinking